Neston Beavers

Neston Beavers

We currently have 24 beavers in our colony (boys and girls!) and they are split into 4 lodges (groups):  Blue lodge, Yellow lodge, Red lodge and green lodge.

We start each session with our opening ceremony to remind us what beavers is all about!

Beavers, Beavers, Fun and Friends!

Every session is different and activites depend on which badges we are working towards.  At the moment we are working towards our Safety activity badge and have had lots of fun role-playing a busy street (remembering our green cross code!) and were lucky enough to have Tricia come in and do a Bikeability session for us.  We learned about how to stay safe on our bikes and had lots of fun too!  We play lots of different games (we really enjoy these!) and at the end of each session we choose our Beaver of the Week, who gets to take our mascot home for the week.  Finally, we say goodbye to each other with our closing ceremony.

I'm a little beaver, short and stout,

Here's my tail and here's my snout,

When you pull my tail hear me shout:

I'm a little beaver - CUT THAT OUT!