Neston Beavers

Neston Beavers

Welcome to Neston Beaver Scouts - part of 1st Neston & Box Scout Group.

Hi, I'm Caroline - Tarka to the Beavers, we have a great team of Leaders, Assistants and Young Leaders supporting this section each week. Our Young Leaders are also taking part in Duke of Edinburgh Award (Silver for the next year) they have many skills that will be passed on to your eager Beavers!

We currently have 24 beavers in our colony (boys and girls!) and they are split into 4 lodges (groups):  Blue lodge, Yellow lodge, Red lodge and green lodge.

We start each session with our opening ceremony to remind the Beavers what we are all about!

Beavers, Beavers, Fun and Friends!

Each week we take on a new activity, this activity will be part of a badge or many badges that they will be working on during the term. We will include a hike, sleepover, and lots of outdoor activities each term.

Finally, we say goodbye to each other with our closing ceremony.

I'm a little Beaver, short and stout,

Here's my tail and here's my snout,

When you pull my tail hear me shout:

I'm a little beaver - CUT THAT OUT!

We hope your eager Beaver enjoys the Adventure we are about to take them on!